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On this page you will find the last 12 updates did to my Anime Ziggy's page. Thanx ^_~

07/30/00 -fixed a few things here and there and some new things in You Know Your Obsessed With Ziggy When.... 1 new section, Download. and a new look for the main page. and 2 new banners for link ziggy.

07/29/00 -2 more sections are up, Updates and Link Ziggy, also 2 new Anime Ziggy in the Gallery

07/28/00 -Major big update for Anime Ziggy!! sorry to every one for the lack of updates and all I had temporarily lost interest in this site but no more!! Anime Ziggy's site has a new look!
I got most of the page up with it's new look and added a section called Juke box