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.You Know When...

You Know Your Obsessed With Ziggy When...
By liza
1- ... When your Idea of make up is a big yellow circle in the middle of your for head.
2- ... When every Time you see something like a body suit you think of Ziggy.
3- ... When you make a web page  dedicated to Ziggy.
4- ... When you manage to change every conversation into a Ziggy or David Bowie related subject.
5- ... When you start to associate colors like yellow and red with Ziggy.
6- ... When you play a super old version of Jeopardy on a computer with your friends and surprise them with the answer "who is Ziggy". (The question was something like "A 1972 Glam Rock Star.", not sure though... it happened a long time ago).
7- ... When you have Ziggy pictures in your locker.

by ProzachV
1. You chew on your guitar in band class.
2. You refuse to wear boots without laces or a zipper.
3. You take a ballet class and pin a bunny tail on the back of all your leotards.
4. You start calling your friends "droogies," and put drugs in your milk.
5. You do a research paper on The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.
6. You got an A+ on said paper.
8. You put makeup on your thighs.

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